Chinese family wealth report!8 into the house!Only

  Chinese family wealth report!8 into the house!Only 1% of the stock market

  Author: jun-jie qi of finance and economics

Recently, guangdong development bank jointly southwestern university of finance and

issued a “2018 China’s urban household wealth health report”, which reveals the status of the Chinese family assets.

  First of all, the Chinese family 1.62 million worth of total assets is probably close to $1.62 million, 1.62 million worth investab

le assets, is your stocks, funds, bonds and cash added up to 557000 yuan.The number is growing every year, total ass

ets of only 970000, 2011, only 289000 investment in financial assets.This is mainly caused by two reasons

, one is the income is growing, the second one, house prices are really going up.Prices rose fastest year, total household assets also rose faster.

  Second, 2 into the rich, the gap between their

from ordinary people are high, their total assets is 3 times of ordinary

people, to 4.545 million yuan.This part of the wealthy, tota

l assets and net assets are close to the average level in th

e United States, that is to say the richest 20% of u

rban residents, mostly close to the wealth of developed countries.Just in investable assets, just like the U

nited States also doubled, while income sent 2 times, the aver

age annual income is 689000, and we are one of the richest 20% of households, earning only 2250

00.Have to share one’s income, has almost total assets, such a strange phenomenon, due to our house.

  Third, the family property, nearly 8 to 77.7%,

while only 11.8% of financial assets.In the United States, by contrast, in the family property ratio of only 34.6%

, while the proportion of financial assets of more than 42%, and has a close to 20% of the configuration on the indus

try and commerce, the rest of the developed countries, Japan’s financial assets is as high as 61%, Singapore is 56%, the U

K is 52%, Canada also has 48.6%, so obviously we only 12% less than a strikingly low proportion of financial ass

ets.There 42.9% of bank deposits, stocks accounted for only 8.1%, the fund is only 3.2%.Deposits, in other words, in just

4% of the total assets of the proportion, shows that you have no money, and share in the total assets of less

than 1%, this basically is the vast majority of families do not fry, so lower the rate.

  Fourth, 30 to 40 families, this group of people most money, total assets of m

ore than 3 million, young and old family property configuration.This is underst

andable, young and old are poor, so the house of their total assets ratio is especially high.

  Fifth, record of formal schooling is negatively related with real estate configura

tion, the lower the degree the more like to buy a house, it also represents the meaning of two aspects, 1 degree

is higher, the more diversity.2 degree, the higher the income, the more to be used for other investment.

BA28 age will retire earlier because of Dunk on cel

  Tencent sports inquiry Beijing time on January 18, this season has not played

the jilin team player Cai Lilong suddenly update weibo w

rote: “goodbye basketball!Prepare for a new start!”Announced the end of basketball career.It is repo

rted, Cai Lilong because a heart problem is not suitable for high strength, had to make decisions about retirement.

  After Cai Lilong update weibo, CBA reporter Song Xiang revealed Cai Lilong

details: “previously in jilin, jiangsu, with the sunrise Cai

Lilong of team play, has decided to retire.Last August when suddenly he found a heart problems, not suitable for high

intensity training game, otherwise may have dangerous life, in this a few months after treatment with specialists in ma

ny ways, he had to make this decision.”After, Cai Lilong forwarding

this tweet, indirectly admitted that the reason of the retired.

  Cai Lilong was found to have heart problems

  Cai Lilong was born in 1991, height 2.01 meters, the position is a striker.From 2009-10 season into the CBA, career for

jiangsu suzhou candy and the team, with the sunrise and the jilin team

effectiveness.2015-16, Cai Lilong are candy and a permanent move to the jilin team.

  Career, Cai Lilong performance is one of the best season, 2014-15 season can get 10.1 PPG

.As a striker, helped Cai Lilong features a bounce in the well, good.- 15 season from

2014 to 2017-18, Cai Lilong three-point percentage is at least 36%,

averaging at least hit 1.5 3-pointers.Last season, Cai Lilong also had single-game hit eight 3-pointers.

  In addition, the bounce excellent Cai Lilong dunk in the game will be staged

from time to time or every clasp, in the past he has participated in the dunk contest.

Cancer death girl zhou Yang’s father went to the tianjin

Tianjin wu qing on January 13, the public security organs of the people’s procurat

orates of the request for approval of arrest QuanJian nature medicine tech

nology development co., LTD. Renesola beam and other 16 suspects, on suspicion of organizing, leading MLM a

ctivities such as crime, make a decision on approval of arrest according to law.

“Mainly want to renesola beam of criminal cases inc

orporate processing, if not, we will have a separate criminal prosecution.”Power of attorney on Tuesday Yan

QingLi to SMW reporter said, criminal prosecution alone is very difficult, there are uncertainties.

YanQingLi provide, according to the criminal complaint against reason for QuanJian

upfront without approval document issued by Chinese native medicine preparation, and the dia

how peiqi liu was combination, “piggy’s march” offic

  Pig now also is one of the “celebrity”, page is not only the children like animation characters, and even became a symbol of “

social person”.And on January 17th, a hair trigger netizen widespread attention, the film called “what is the pag

e”.The content of the film is very moving, rural grandfather to grandson mouth

know nothing can be used to describe the page, and then expand the rural

grandpa to find what is page path, short at the end of the grandfather to grandson

has created a unique “hardcore” page.

  Short film is very moving, grandpa’s love for grandson is very touching, for

“what is” page has also been widely debate, originally

should be moving situation also seems to be some wandering, we study the the problem “what is page”.

  As everyone on hot days, the old play bone peiqi liu in the post of the circle of

friends really stand out.Peiqi liu said “page is what???

By plate of the night, everyone for a rest, I’m admire march this march!”The response peiqi liu teacher is very fu

nny, and almost in the same page peiqi liu teacher in everyone on what page is

pressed by, come forward claiming to be “peja ji ji”, is also very cute.

  Maybe everyone for peiqi liu teacher is not very familiar with, but if met him

after you must have an Epiphany.Peiqi liu is worthy of the

name in the entertainment circle and old play bone actor, he is the “three ye,”, is also the flowers that yea

r month is round of “Zhou Lao four”.Peiqi liu acting has always been the general audience recognition and

love, I didn’t think old play was so humorous, bone privately with page hit

peiqi liu teacher is also very interesting.

  Not just peiqi liu teacher, show also joined the netizen about who is the discussion page.S

how is called Asian nataraja, he has a great status and influence in the ind

ustry, is respected by many successors and want to learn predecessors.Show

debut for many years, has a high popularity,

even in today’s era of idols and heroes, the show also have their own fans, seems to show true not ordinary people!

Chen Xida was fired from the company for violating the rul

Chen Xida, a member of the TF family of Beijing Times Fengjun Culture and Art Development Co., Ltd., was fired from the company for brea

king the rules of dating. Unexpectedly, the information about Chen Xida being sold to former teammates was shocking recently.

Originally, Chen Xida just debuted is promising. As a teacher and brother of TFBOYS, he has bro

ught his own halo before he debuted. He has a lot of fans. Chen Xida, who was 14 years old, has a brigh

t future. As long as he debuted through the TF two groups, he has nothing to worry about.

Chen Xida, a member of the TF family of Beijing Times Fengjun Culture and Art Development Co., Ltd., was fired from the company for brea

king the rules of dating. Unexpectedly, the information about Chen Xida being sold to former teammates was shocking recently.

Later, Chen Xida was dismissed from the company for breaking the rules of dating. After his girlfriend’s dismissal, Chen Xida had been wrapp

ed up with negative news. On the Internet, he cheated his fans for not paying back their m

oney. After drinking, he made mistakes with his idol. It seems that Chen Xida really went farther and farther on the road to death.

Chen Xida, a member of the TF family of Beijing Times Fengjun Culture and Art Development Co., Lt

d., was fired from the company for breaking the rules of dating. Unexpectedly, the information about Chen Xida being sold to former teammates was shocking recently.

Recently, some netizens even sold their teammates’personal contact information to scalpers by Chen X

ida, a member of the TF family, before the microblog exploded, and earned a profit from it. They denounced him for sucking the last drop of blood from former teammates.

Hangzhou is thinking of running a school against the rules and

This afternoon, the reporter learned from the Hangzhou Education Bureau that after some on-th

e-spot evidence collection, Hangzhou Xuerusi did violate the rules of running a school and was notified and criticized by the whole city.

There are many violations in Hangzhou Xuelisi Training School:

1. During the consultation period of Hangzhou’s new policy for the entrance examination, Xue Ersi misinterpreted the new policy for

the entrance examination, which seriously misled parents’understanding of the policy and interfered with the formulation of relevant policies.

2. The use of the words “top class”, “target class” and “league class” in enrollment propaganda violates relevant regulations.

Hangzhou Education Bureau ordered Hangzhou Xuerusi Training School to publicly issue apo

logy statements on the school website on the misreading of the entrance examination policy, and to immediately rectify the naming of training courses.

Bulletproof by abnormal bastard tracking handsSUGA

The illegitimate meal followed Sugar, touched him and said “lovely” and “my love”.

According to Taiwanese media reports, the Bombproof Teenagers’Group (BTS) recently held a concert in Nagoya, Japan. When it returned to Korea, it was witnessed that fa

ns feared the cold and tried to get close in their ultra-short hot pants in the hope of gaining the attention of the members of the group. The illegal meals caused criti

cism, and the brokerage company BIGHIT Entertainment also publicized the “follow-up blacklist” in official cafes. In fact, the bullet-pro

of juvenile regiment has been plagued by the illegitimate food problem for a long time, even members of SUGA are angry to pick up the mobile phone to shoot back.

BTS official hard up to publicize the “blacklist of follo

w-up” directly, including many well-known fans station owners, causing a big stir in the fan circle. Some of the

pictures were shared with IG and Twitter. Some fans followed Kim Tae-heng closely at the airport and wrote, “He smells good, he’s tall, he’s handsome even w

hen he grabs his hair.” But Kim Tae-heng’s eyes in the picture were frightened by the sudden approaching of fans.

The bullet-proof juvenile regiment was closely followed by illegitimate meals, and Kim Tae-heng showed a frightened look at the airport.

More fans took pictures of SUGA’s back and wrote, “It’s so cute. I’ve been touching him, and he’s going straight ahead.” Members

of SUGA in Nagoya were so angry that they took out their mobile phones to shoot back, but they could not stop the exaggeration of illegitimate meals.

The other party was happy to stay: “See you next time in Fukuoka.” Behavior and mentality are foolish.

From the images taken from the digged illegitimate meals, it seems that not only at the airport, but also private personal trips, but also th

at they have been tracked for some time. Even members of Tian Zhiguo travel to Japan privately, flights are grasped

by illegitimate meals, but also photographed in first-class cabin, the photographer also said that they want to sell flight information.

Chen Jon and Du Chun are married netizens: so many times

Recently, about the news that Chen Jon and Du Chun have been married, Chen Jon Fang workers said: “Chen Jon’s love and marriage rumors are not true news, pure nonsense。

thank you for your concern.” Subsequently, Chen Jon himself also micro-blogged, seven words overbearing deny the rumor: “Sister single, sister does not hate to marry.”

The 39-year-old Chen Jon’s “marriage” has always been the focus of attention. Recently, when Ch

en Jon and Du Chun were filming a variety show, they were coaxed by netizens to match them because they felt very close to each other.

Chen Jon’s mother also said, “You two are still quite at ease in love and love,” and praised Du Chun’s handsome in the program, when it

came to the news that their marriage date had been fixed. But this time the gossip hero has personally refuted the rumor, the people who eat melon can disperse.

In fact, Jon Chen’s “getting married” is not a single time. Before that, it was reported that he had a close relationship with a little fresh

meat. Jon Chen directly responded, “I can be a mother!” It seems that Jon Chen has become accustomed to the “getting married” thing, and is really helpless.

Fans have also said to this matter: “To participate in love variety arts is not to get married, do

not rumor the fact that there is no hammer.” I believe that if something good happens, Jon Chen will share it with you.

Chen Jon denied that the marriage studio had sent a message clarifying that he was currently single.

According to Taiwanese media reports, artist Chen Jon has been in her late 30s, well-maintained and has a girl-like face. However, althou

gh she has repeatedly been gossiping with other actors in recent years, she has never had a positive response and attracted much attention in the emotional w

orld. However, recently, she was revealed to be completing a major life-long event at the end of the year. The target is suspected to be the man of the previous variety show Tornado Filial

Piety. Star Duchun, parents of both sides had already met each other in the program, and her mother liked the man very much at that time.

In view of the many untrue information about Ms. Chen Jon on the Internet recently, the studio clarifies that Ms. Chen Jon is single

at present, and there is no fact that she is married at the end of the year. Thank you very much for your concern, and I urge you not to blindly disseminate untrue information. Thanks!

A massive snowstorm swept through Washington, USA

January 14, it was reported comprehensively that a large-scale winter storm has covered the Midwest of the United States in

recent days, causing large-scale blackouts and road closures in Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri. The picture shows a snowman built in front of the U.S. Capitol Building

Starting on the 12th, the storm has begun to spread eastward to the central Atlantic. According

to the Meteorological Department, there will be 177 to 254 millimetres of snow in the Washington area.

The picture shows people playing with snow in the National Square.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency on the evening of Dec

ember 12, reminding people to deal with the possible disasters caused by the winter storm.

In many areas, the cold weather of the snowstorm is expected to last more than 12 hours or even 48 hours.

One out of 17 out of three Harden is stubborn to the end!

Recently, James Harden, a God-given man, scored high marks again today. But out of the three-point line, he hit only one goal in 17 shots. Not only that, the team lost to Orlando Magic 109-116 away from home.

In the past 12 games, Harden has scored at least five three-point goals in each game. This battle against magic, beard naturally hopes that he can continue this feeling. Unfortunately, his three-point shooting rate is not only below the season average, but also inadvertently breaks the NBA record. Previously, the highest number of shots in a single game with only one point and three points was 14, which was maintained by Ray Allen. But now, the owner of the record has become Harden.

In fact. Harden’s performance was almost perfect except for his three-point feeling. He hit 15 of 16 free throws on the line. In addition, Harden also sent 12 assists to grab 9 rebounds and nearly won three pairs agai

n. But it is because he was too “head iron” in the fourth quarter of the game, which eventually led to the Rockets’regrettable defeat. You know, Harden made four three-point shots in the final quarter, but none of them hit.

Coach Dantney summed up the reasons for Harden’s three-point mistake today, saying: “You can’t expect James Harden to be a superman every game, and other players have to make their contribution. I think their lack of concentration tonight, especially on the defensive side, has also affected our performance on the offensive side.

Indeed, some of Harden’s fatigue was the cause of the Rockets’loss in this game. But in addition, it also has something to do with Magic’s defensive strategy. Their restrictions on Harden’s three-point goal were just right, making the Rockets’first cards fail again and again. Also, some teams are too superstitious about the “Magic Ball” theory, which also led to their failure. In this game, all of Harden’s attacks were concentrated in the three-second zone and outside the three-minute line, and the Rockets did not make several mid-shots.

If the Rockets feel normal, “Magic Ball” theory can lead to defeat and defeat the vast majority of opponents. But once the Rockets feel cold and don’t make positive adjustments, it may be difficult for them to win. Last season, the Rockets lost 27 consecutive three-point shots in the Western Finals. If they could make some adjustments then, they might end up differently.

It has to be said that in a long season, shooting errors are very normal. At such moments, the Rockets should actually fine-tune their attacking mode, not always immersed in the “Magic Ball” theory can not extricate themselves.